Olympic Icons

Intercity created a set of six Olympic-inspired icons and infographics to help illustrate the logistical challenge faced by Heathrow as huge numbers of athletes (with unusual and extensive amounts of baggage) passed through the airport in the run up to the London Olympics. The final icons and infographics were used by both the airport and various media channels.

Intercity Heathrow 11 original 57fb5332898b2d9ade71c842577e336b
Intercity Heathrow 8 original d382525351330d7b55d6d076f86bf466 Intercity Heathrow 9 original e6a781fa6766e39fa228d068a48ae9ae


Intercity Nike Presto i D 1


Presto ID

Intercity Website The Garden 1

The Garden

An Identity Rooted in Sustainability

Intercity The Academy 1 2

The Academy

Rebranding Intelligent Thinking

Intercity Website Heathrow 1 original 750e00e2daff3dd38d00cc098f239461


Visualising Customer Insights