Tread – Tires

Our Tread print series was born out of an obsession with bikes (plus early memories of friends comparing tyre patterns) and documents a selection of the most interesting graphic shapes and patterns found on everyday bicycle tyres. Building upon the already close-knit relationship between cycling and graphic design, the series includes four prints in total, covering the disciplines of BMX, CX (cyclo-cross), MTB (mountain bike) and road cycling.

Intercity Tread 1 original ba1119b606959983dfd2295215283e79
Intercity Tread 2 original 5c069fb9d9e6fec57274610876995fcb Intercity Tread 3 original 9a2771111300da7583d722099bb51554 Intercity Tread 4 original 3e4483bacb0cb24ccc91863bf197a213 Intercity Tread 5 original 0db66f8b790813667f9d724876961f37 Intercity Tread 6 original 5f43b0f8d0330028c151e3b758061a91 Intercity Tread 7 original 0e5f24af6bf4e0baa7cd635029d8281a Intercity Tread 8 original 1f15c1eae8f5e488a17c22be72711757 Intercity Tread 9 original d7abdc625bc60c0ee1ca41b99b333cb0


Am 1

University of Plymouth

Ancient Mariner Big Read

Intercity Tread Sneakers Dark 6


Tread – Sneakers

Intercity ICS One Way 1


One Way Typeface Design

Intercity Website ICS Zero 1


Zero Typeface Design