Visualising Customer Insights

Intercity produced an ongoing series of static and animated infographics for Heathrow. Published on a quarterly basis, the infographics were displayed through a various formats, including portrait display screens at the airport's headquarters.

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Intercity Website Heathrow 3 original 5af45cb1fce0cacd0a4b1cadb8461b59 Intercity Website Heathrow 2 original 27c67edf8a6abfca9e78af493c810f01 Intercity Website Heathrow 6 original 9f1e3899fe871701a85dda4a86131534
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Intercity Established And Sons 1 3

Established & Sons

Contemporary Design Website

Intercity Bristol Pay 1

Bristol Pay

Branding a Digital Payment Platform

Intercity The Academy 1 2

The Academy

Rebranding Intelligent Thinking

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Olympic Icons