Tate Modern

This Is Where We Are

Intercity were commissioned by i-DAT and Tate Modern to create an overall aesthetic and animated visualisation for This Is Where We Are (TIWWA), an immersive algorithmic sculpture made especially for the opening of the new Tate Modern Switch House in 2016.

Fuelled by collectively generated behavioural, environmental and social media data, audiences could engage, interact and play with the algorithms that generated the digital artwork. TIWWA invited audiences into a sculptural space where they could see, hear and interact with the data of everyday lives, contributing to an evolving artwork which questioned the influence of algorithms on our behavior.

Intercity TIWWA 1
Intercity TIWWA 2 Intercity TIWWA 3 Intercity TIWWA 4 Intercity TIWWA 6
Intercity TIWWA 37 Intercity TIWWA 58 Intercity TIWWA 48 Intercity TIWWA 19


Intercity helped to design the visual language for the project, including the identity, animated visualisation, animated infographic and the website that allowed audiences to talk to the sculpture. As part of the project, we also created the main identity for Quorum, the strategic research initiative that housed the TIWWA project.


Intercity Website Soello 1


Digital Marketing Identity

Intercity Bristol Pay 1

Bristol Pay

Branding a Digital Payment Platform

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University of Exeter

Design for a Creative Peninsula

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Visualising Customer Insights