The Academy

Inspired by Intelligent Thinking

Full brand identity including logo, stationery, website, signage and a comprehensive design guidelines manual for London-based creative PR agency, The Academy. Intercity created a brain-inspired mark, combined with a design system of connecting lines, to help communicate the agency ethos of ‘intelligent thinking, applied creativity, connected to the right people'.

Intercity The Academy 8 01 Intercity The Academy 2 original ec49bf1d35322683e1019089cc82d9bc Intercity The Academy 9 Intercity The Academy 10 Intercity The Academy 4 original 45dfc430617beff053d4bff35f774650 Intercity The Academy 5 original 85dd26848a7ec8219d8f9309c51c6727 Intercity The Academy 11 Intercity The Academy 152 original 382fa9771275d6dcf1ba1d2c327c1130
Intercity The Academy 1 01 Intercity The Academy 2 01 Intercity The Academy 3 01

As part of our work on the identity, we also designed two brand books for the agency. A guide to core principles and working methods, The Academy Way utilises matt lamination and bronze foil-blocking for the covers, contrasted with an uncoated paper stock for the inside pages.

Intercity TA Books 2 original 4c22ef84474e5987b5779e18069cdb74
Intercity TA Books 1 original c18ac9c51a39209c719c14ce4fff8dea Intercity TA Books 3 original 3f2c42a166811d5e34dcf8f468b42fd3 Intercity TA Books 4 original ac03e66a5c29dcdcd94fdca2fa862888 Intercity TA Books 6 original 9bd3596c05136ab6f50754163482f9c0 Intercity TA Books 8 original 6bc5dab736de346ed671983d0c5e5845 Intercity TA Books 10 original f9504d28a7092bd5eaf75ac087e6b09a

An image-led publication showcasing the agency’s best work, The Academy Volume 1 again utilised bronze foil-blocking on the front and back covers.

Intercity TA Books 12 original 419e9057d0148da9d3a6abe08f5ab560
Intercity TA Books 11 original 0d2794cc646c38be0856d0dbd29ddc44 Intercity TA Books 12 original 419e9057d0148da9d3a6abe08f5ab560 Intercity TA Books 13 original f96d7e87477a06357555b60b2ca53112 Intercity TA Books 14 original e0a8c26c4743781bdc414938e80e4f24 Intercity TA Books 16 original 24a5252ab22a6b4d8f81dd7ec172bd74 Intercity TA Books 17 original 94f4902105d26a3700f391f1f68fec71 Intercity TA Books 18 original 902f72d05790b9e523bf3485bb8a45ba Intercity TA Books 19 original 9d454e64e6d46314288655c752f4ebdc Intercity TA Books 19 original 95f1f54824277fce2c05ecec9aa3ccba


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