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Almost two years in the making, the Intercity-designed book Fashion + Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture was finally released in August 2016. Written by London-based writer, editor and creative consultant Katie Baron, the book focuses on the power of fashion within the music industry - featuring the creatives behind some of the most iconic looks of the Sex Pistols, Madonna, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Lady Gaga and many more.

The book features a matt-finished hardback cover with gold foil-blocked type and, for the inside pages, an uncoated stock.

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‘Fashion & Music was a beast of a book in many ways – a constantly moving feast of freshly surfacing visual material as diverse as video stills, magazine shoots, personal photos and stadium imagery, which Intercity dealt with incredibly deftly. I’m still excited by (and very grateful for) the way they evolved the design into a dynamic, thirsty, urgent sensibility reflective of the worlds I was exploring.’

Katie Baron – Author, journalist and trends forecaster
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