Presto ID

Originally released in 2000 as the T-shirt for your feet, the Air Presto recently made its return to NIKEiD. Inspired by the Presto's original advertising campaign, Intercity collaborated with illustrator Matthew Bromley to help celebrate the relaunch of this classic Nike silhouette.

Intercity Nike Presto i D 1
Intercity Nike Presto i D 2 Intercity Nike Presto i D 3 Intercity Nike Presto i D 4 Intercity Nike Presto i D 6 Intercity Nike Presto i D 9 Intercity Nike Presto i D 10


Nike customers were offered the opportunity to sign up through the Nike website and receive a personal iD session alongside Bromley at NikeTown London's SNKRS Cube. For the lucky few who managed to get a place, Bromley then created a personalised character based on the customer's shoe design/inspiration. This one-of-a-kind character was then printed onto a T-shirt and tote bag to make up a very special edition Presto iD pack.

The weird and wonderful character creations included the likes of Lemon Ninja, Le Verde, Scarface, P1000, Hubba Bubba, Fresh Prince and Marathon Ken.


Intercity Martha de Lacey 9

Martha de Lacey

Identity for London-based Baker

Intercity Bristol Pay 1

Bristol Pay

Branding a Digital Payment Platform

Intercity Art Sole Cortez i D 2 original bf7fda941398307b1dc33bae7f032d32


A&S Cortez iD

Intercity Nike Free Run i D 32 original 59f07b7c4a6ff0709a056d3e11d97114


Free Run iD