Free Run iD

During the lead up to the London Olympics in 2012, Intercity curated the Nike Free Run iD project/exhibition at the gallery space within pop-up shopping mall Boxpark. Entitled Free Run iD: Designed by Our Hopefuls, Illustrated by Our Homegrown, the project saw Intercity commission a group of 11 East London artists to create a visual response to 11 athlete-designed Nike Free Run+ iD shoes. The athlete/artist collaborations included Mo Farah/Lucas Dillon, Martyn Rooney/Fran Marchesi, Dai Greene/Esther McManus, Holly Bleasdale/Rob Flowers, Perri Shakes-Drayton/Matthew Bromley, Hannah England/Hugh Frost, Jodie Williams/Michael Willis, Greg Rutherford/James Dawe, Jack Green/Mr Gresty, Jo Pavey/Dominic Owen and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey/Ellie Andrews.

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Intercity Nike Free Run i D 16 original bf328d0fe69f854d2c8fc0ccee73aa29 Intercity Nike Free Run i D 18 original 2a3c5d4b8547d905f3efdcbf88ce8c73 Intercity Nike Free Run i D 19 original ef93d2e21a4131d73e9acd448de6577e Intercity Nike Free Run i D 23 original e0555ac6622edd42627f9ae2c22d68d1 Intercity Nike Free Run i D 24 original 8a3814d155c05912e49d1688462a506c
Intercity Nike Free Run i D 1 original cc65775f99eb11f13b6d20cd6effee38 Intercity Nike Free Run i D 2 original 8aa44ba705022007675f13e8fa632f40 Intercity Nike Free Run i D 3 original 76bccbae7ab8e8873ef3c60a65e88f90 Intercity Nike Free Run i D 8 original 88c0e2e1b21a1a9e2e6201903786663d Intercity Nike Free Run i D 11 original 422fe39d3aef6b5288187e8646c81fc2


In addition to the exhibition, Intercity also designed a limited-edition book to document all of the shoe designs and artworks, as well as giving further insight into the project. The A5 book was printed on an uncoated paper (which displayed the artwork) with a smaller interleaved A6 book (which displayed the shoes) printed on high gloss stock. The book was then made available for customers purchasing Nike Free Run+ iD shoes.

As part of the project, we also asked graphic artist James Jarvis to create a hand-made piece of artwork in one of the vestibule entrances to the NIKEiD studio. In a slight twist on the athlete shoe-inspired artworks created by the other artists, the starting point for Jarvis was to create his very own Free Run+ iD shoe colourway. The in-situ artwork was created live during the opening of the Free Run iD event/exhibition.


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