Branding an AI Chatbot

Created in partnership with i-DAT, Plymouth School of Creative Arts (PSCA), Controlled Frenzy and Intercity, Emoti-OS is a chatbot created to give students a voice and a way to express how they collectively feel. The aim of Emoti-OS is to determine the mood of the PSCA students by analysing the tone of their conversations with the chatbot through six main emotion states - Excitement, Joy, Bored, Sadness, Despair, Confusion and Anger. Intercity created a main identity for the project, plus a series of character states to reflect the six basic emotions. The toolkit of geometric shapes used to create the characters then went on to inspire a flexible logo-mark with multiple alternates. The Emoti-OS project is currently at the Tate Exchange space, Tate Modern, London.

Intercity Emoti OS 1


Intercity Speedwell 1

Still Moving


Intercity Martha de Lacey 9

Martha de Lacey

Identity for London-based Baker

Intercity Website Eric Haacht 1 2

Eric Haacht

Identity for a Contemporary Artist

Intercity Website Insight 1 1

Insight Films

Identity for a Creative Film Studio