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To celebrate the release of the mini-edition Art & Sole book (written and designed by Intercity) and the launch of the classic Nike Cortez silhouette on, Intercity worked with Nike to design the Art & Sole Cortez iD sneaker collection.

Intercity Art Sole Cortez i D 2 original bf7fda941398307b1dc33bae7f032d32
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As part of the project, we commissioned four artists - Jiro Bevis, Matthew Nicholson, Shantell Martin and Rose Stallard - to create an artwork for one of four limited edition Art & Sole book covers. Working with different media; print, moving image, sculpture and sneaker-art respectively, the artists' brief was simply to interpret the Cortez sneaker using a specifically assigned colour - red, magenta, green or blue - which correlated to the category-signifying contents dots of Art & Sole . A book featuring each artist's artwork was then packaged in a bespoke sneaker box (also designed by Intercity) alongside a pair of the Art & Sole Cortez sneakers. The moving image piece created by Shantell Martin (shown below) was also included within the packs on a Cortez-shaped flash-drive.

The sneakers themselves are tonal grey, referencing the blank-canvas shoe colour that is synonymous with NIKEiD, and have a gum outsole that pays homage to the first ever Cortez. We also added an embroidered ampersand to the heel and a colour-coded accent in the lining of the shoe to coordinate with the associated artwork.

Intercity Art Sole Cortez i D 13 original 260e8e121de0cb3bc3b5cdfc07b679ac Intercity Art Sole Cortez i D 14 original 6fd9f5f61be9f96fce9e4ab53128808e Intercity Art Sole Cortez i D 17 original e4c53a1978c619e2d1f6dadabc830cab Intercity Art Sole Cortez i D 18 original 2e88dfba0c9830c33ebedd599ff4a74e Intercity Art Sole Cortez i D 15 original c48667c17a2e9a05de8c00055da6b067 Intercity Art Sole Cortez i D 16 original 361e98a2f1aac03d392b9dd12bedb4aa


A launch party for the project was held at the NIKEiD Studio in Boxpark, London, with all four artworks on display and music supplied by Mikill Pane, Will Power and B.Traits. Additional activities included a silent auction (to win one of the packs) with proceeds going to local youth-led charity Art Against Knives, plus a design a Cortez iD competition (judged by Intercity). There was even colour-coordinated food in the form of pie & mash - with red, magenta, green and blue-coloured mash to match the Art & Sole Cortez shoes.

Each colourway of the book/sneaker pack was produced in a limited run of 40 and was available only through the NIKEiD studio at Boxpark.


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