Still Moving

Artist Collective Identity

Our identity for artist collective Still Moving takes inspiration from day shapes - the mast-head signals that indicate the status of a nautical vessel. The main logo-mark uses these signals to visually represent the name Still Moving, with a ball (meaning anchored) and a cone (meaning vessel under sail & power) being integral elements of the design. Using the same system, a series of alternate shape combinations were then developed for use with the identity, alongside the design of an identity guidelines manual.

Our scope of work also included the design and development of the Still Moving website, built using the Craft CMS platform. Alongside other functionality, the website offers the ability for each project page to be styled individually, using a predefined palette of colours.

Intercity Still Moving 1
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Intercity Speedwell 1

Still Moving


Intercity The Atlantic Project 2

The Atlantic Project

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The Academy

Inspired by Intelligent Thinking

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University of Exeter

Bare Life