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Identity, packaging and website for Outdoor Provisions, makers of all natural energy snacks for fresh-air-heads. Created to be honest and uncomplicated, our identity draws inspiration from many elements of the outdoors including signposts, rocks and birds of prey - as well as the utility aesthetics of ration packaging.

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‘We really appreciated the process Intercity took us through in developing our brand identity and the refinement at each stage we went through. It helped us understand how and why we arrived at such a distinguishable aesthetic.’

Luke Douglas – Cofounder

A company with a conscience, Outdoor Provisions is intrinsically linked to the outdoors, and was created to make energy snacks that actually taste nice - all wrapped in plastic-free, compostable packaging (Outdoor Provisions is also a 1% For The Planet member). True to their outdoor routes, the flavours of the first Outdoor Provisions offerings (four natural energy bars) were all inspired by classic foods from UK National Parks.

Our scope of work has included identity design with various brand elements and guidelines, packaging for two nut butter and four energy bar launch products, various social media assets and design/development of the Outdoor Provisions website - which allows users to both buy individual products and set up subscription plans. For the illustrated elements of the identity, including the raptor logo, we worked with graphic artists and good friend, Stephen Smith / Neasdon Control Centre.

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